C.I.P.P. Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs

Cured In Place Pipe is one of the most sought after methods of sewer and drain line repair because of it's relatively fast completion time and it only costs a fraction of traditional repair methods that almost always include excavation of the line.

Learn About Trenchless Sewer Repairs Before You Dig!

If you've just been told that your Ohio home or building will need an expensive and lengthy excavation or even demolition to repair your deteriorated, broken or clogged plumbing and sewer pipes either underground or located within the walls of your building then you'll be glad extremely glad you've found this website.

One Day Trenchless Sewer Repairs specializes in all methods of trenchless sewer and drian repairs including Cured In Place Pipe, Pipe Liners and Pipe Bursting.  

We can repair your leaking, broken or clogged plumbing pipes for much less than traditional repair methods in a fraction of the time and with less disruption to your property.

Trenchless Repairs Ohio

There are a variety of trenchless repair methods depending on your specific situation.

C.I.P.P. Repairs in Ohio

CIPP or "Cured In Place Pipe" is a very popular method because of it's versatility and affordable costs.  It's fast too.

Slip Liners Ohio

Pipe lining or "slip lining" is an effective method of repairing damaged water lines in your home or building.

Pipe Bursting Repairs Ohio

Pipe bursting is an effective way to replace old, deteriorated clay, plastic or orangeburg piping.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Articles

3 Common Pipe Failures That Can Be Fixed Using Trenchless Repairs

The municipal plumbing and water lines throughout our cities in Ohio are aging and in some areas already deteriorating.  We’re putting in more sewer and water lines through new construction then what we maintain of already existing lines.  This has caused a situation where sewer and water lines are beginning to fail at alarming rates. […]

How Much Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost Per Foot in Ohio?

If you’re on this website it’s probably because you’ve just been told that you will need an expensive excavation or even partial demolition of your building or property to repair your failing water or sewer lines?  Maybe you’re a building manager or a municipal manager who already knows the cost effective solution they need is trenchless repair […]

The Facts About Trenchless Water and Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless sewer repair isn’t new… It’s actually been around for a few decades but the technology of today is light years ahead of what we were using 20 years ago.  Before the trenchless method of sewer repair was introduced sewer and water lines needed to be excavated in order to be replaced or repaired.  This […]

Trenchless Sewer and Pipe Repairs in Ohio

If you don't see your location listed here don't panic.  We cover the entire state of Ohio with Trenchless Sewer Repair Services.  All you need to do is give us a call and we'll be able to move trucks to your location.

Trenchless Sewer or Pipe Repair Consultations in Ohio

During an estimate we'll be able to carefully inspect the problem and ensure the trenchless repair method will actually repair your issue.

Innovative Repair Solutions

We have the equipment and and on-going industry training to ensure we are able to provide innovative and permanent repair solutions.

Trenchless Expertise

Our trenchless pipe and sewer repair technicians are experienced and fully qualified and trained in all methods of trenchless pipe repairs.


1 Day Trenchless Sewer Repairs will stand behind the work we do to repair your damaged or leaking water pipes or sewer lines.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"The old sewer line on our property had a large crack that had been infiltrated by the roots from our row of privacy shrubs.  We had a plumbing inspection completed when we bought the home and the problem was apparent then but it took less than a year until we needed to do something about it.  Our realtor had referred us to a local excavation company that specialized in sewer system repairs and they were happy to help us but the cost to rip up our driveway and front patio (and then rebuild it all) was going to be well over $25,000!  After some Googling we found 1Day Trenchless Sewer Repair and had them come and do an estimate.  When they told me they could repair it at a cost of less than HALF what I'd been told and they didn't have to touch the driveway or the patio I hired them on the spot."  Craig and Elaine S.  Columbus, Ohio.

"During a really cold January week one of our main water lines developed a crack that quickly developed into a major problem for our building.  We were able to shut the water off quick enough but had a section of pipe 23 feet in length that was going to need replacement.  I'd heard of the trenchless repair methods before and was searching for a contractor in when I found the 1 Day Trenchless website.  After a quick phone call discussing our issues they arrived the next day and by days end we had our new line in place utilizing a method they called CIPP.  The repair worked very well and saved us having to do some expensive demolition on our landscaped property."  Randall Taylor Property Manager at CS Developments.

"I was impressed with the speed at which they were able to identify the problem and come up with a suitable repair that could be implemented in the same day.  All of the other sewer repair companies wanted a few days just to come and look at my problem!"  Adam Brindlemore Cleveland Ohio

"We've used 1 Day Trenchless Sewer Repairs to repair failing sewer lines on our network of rental properties on 3 different occasions.  They were fast and professional and we didn't have to worry about them leaving a mess on the property.  Aside from the small access holes dug and filled in for repair we never knew they were there and our tenants never complained, bonus!"  Ken Schimm Columbus, Ohio

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